Delivery Options

Can’t make it to one of our stores? We’ll bring your products to you with a range of delivery options for projects large and small.

Stone Plus delivers same day next day locally on most products. We will bring everything you need straight to your home or job site. Safe and reliable delivery anytime. Call for current delivery rates.

Bulk Dump

For bulk delivery of materials like crushed rock, sand, and mulch. Most of our trucks have a divider gate and can deliver two materials at the same time.

Flatbed with Forklift

Perfect for homeowners or contractors who may need a variety of palletized materials. Typical products: pavers, flagstone, palletized material, boulders, bulk material via hopper canisters.

Quarry Direct

We offer a wide selection of top quality stone products from quarries all over the country. Fast and convenient nationwide shipping is available, delivered primarily via LTL freight on various carriers.

Not sure how much you need?

Get rid of the guesswork!