Variegated Natural Cleft Sawed
Variegated Natural Cleft Sawed
Variegated Natural Cleft Sawed

Variegated natural cleft bluestone is slightly rough textured bluestone.  Comes in a variety of sizes from 12×12 up to 24×36.

Natural Cleft is split along natural fault lines and the result is a slightly rough texture with distinct raised and sunken areas on the faces.  Natural cleft stone is slightly rough with sawn sides.  Often refered to as full color bluestone because it range from blues and grays to warm browns.


Color: Blue/ grey/ green
Shape: Squares and/or Rectangles
Thickness: 1-2 inch +/-

Sizes: Available sizes: 12×12, 12×18, 12×24, 18×18, 18×24, 18×36, 24×24, 24×36
Coverage: SQFT: 12×12 = 1 Sq. Ft.
Sold By: Square Ft.\Availability: Palm Coast, Jacksonville, Middleburg




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