Tan Strip Rubble
Tan Strip Rubble
Tan Strip Rubble

A beautiful multi-colored sandstone with tan, rust & black will be the perfect warm neutral touch to your landscape that it needs.

Tan Strip Rubble natural stone edging is a perfect natural option for edging your landscape beds with its blend of natural browns.

Natural stone edging is perfect for edging your planting beds. When installed properly, they eliminate the need for the dreaded weed eater, cutting back on yard work time.


Color: tan/ brown/ rust/ white/ black/ mauves
Shape: Rectangular/ straight edges
Size: 4″ x 4″ average various lengths
Coverage: 40 – 60 Sq. Ft. Per Ton
Sold By: Ton or by LB, if under 2000 LB
Availability: Palm Coast, Jacksonville, Middleburg