Potting Soil
Potting Soil
Potting Soil


Potting Soil Mix is an all-natural composted soil, great for amending soil for indoor, outdoor containers and garden beds. A great controlled base having no fertilizer or manure in it.

Sold in bulk and by the bag.

Color: Dark Brown and Black/ some grey sand
Shape: Fluffy soil/sand/organic mix
Size: Fines to 1/4 inch +/-
Coverage: CYD: 129.6 Sq. Ft. @ 2-1/2 Deep
108 Sq. Ft.  or 1 CF: 4.8 SQ FT @ 2.5 Deep
4.0 SQ FT @ 3 Deep
Sold By: Cubic Yard and by the 1 Cubic Ft. Bag
Availability: Palm Coast, Jacksonville, Middleburg