3.1 oz Landscape Fabric – 3 FT x 25 FT
3.1 oz Landscape Fabric – 3 FT x 25 FT

For laying under mulch and for garden beds.  With a woven felt material

Color: Black
Size: 3 Ft x 25 Ft Roll
Sold By: Each


Landscape fabric is a weed barrier, but not all weed barriers are landscape fabric. Cheap, thin plastic barriers are far inferior to quality fabric underlayment and can tear very easily. It never pays to use the cheap stuff because you’ll most likely need to replace it sooner or later. By contrast, quality landscape fabric is long-lasting and is resistant to sun damage and tears. Some products are guaranteed for up to 20 years.


  •  Mulch, gardens, as frost blanket.


  • Puncture and tear resistant material that can handle machine and pedestrian traffic.
  • UV resistant – helps
  • Water and air permeable
  • More environmentally friendly then using toxic chemical for weed control.
  • Under non-extreme use, can be used to 20 years.

How its sold:

  • Sold in 3 ft x 25 ft roll or a  4 ft x 50 ft roll
  • We recommend fabric pins to hold matting in place.

How to install video: