Better Ways to Use Flagstone to Create Backyard Patios

Most of us have been there. Searching for the best way to use natural stone to enhance our outdoor spaces; wanting to create something functional, and beautiful, and lasting.. but have found ourselves underwhelmed. What went wrong? Did the flagstones shift or settle unevenly? Have they all mildewed, and lost their original beauty? Maybe some […]

How To Build A Dry Stack Stone Wall

Dry stone retaining walls add beauty and enhance the value of your property as well as retain slopes to create usable level ground. The design and construction of dry-stone walls are projects that can be undertaken by most homeowners with great success. Wall Construction Tips When designing any wall, it always helps to position the […]

How To Build A Dry Laid Flagstone Patio Or Walkway

As there is no single “right way” to install dry laid flagstone, we have found the following to be a solid technique. Choosing Your Stone Stone for walkways and patios comes in many colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. When selecting the stone for your pavement, keep in mind the concept, or idea, that form fits […]