Mulch Options In Orange Park

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By adopting mulching practices tailored to Orange Park’s specific climate, residents can achieve landscapes that are both beautiful in color and resilient with weed control and erosion control benefits.  



Orange Park’s suburban landscapes, including neighborhoods like Bellair Meadowbrook Terrace and Fleming Island, can achieve vibrant and thriving gardens with the help of effective mulching techniques.

Here are our top 8 choices for mulch in the North Florida area:

Red Mulch – With its beautiful bright color, bulk red mulch is a favorite because of its long-lasting color and eye-catching pop. It is sold cheapest in bulk by the cubic yard and also by the 2 cubic foot bag.


Brown Mulch – Naturally looking dark brown color is a great warm color that makes a rich look to any landscape.  Dark Brown mulch is a favorite because of its long-lasting color retention.  Sold by cubic yard in bulk.


Gold Mulch – Dyed to a beautiful bright color, bagged gold mulch is a favorite because of its long-lasting color and eye catching pop.


Black Mulch – A popular choice a premium dark black mulch makes plants and buildings alike stand out.  Bagged black mulch is a popular choice for its color and warmth.


Cypress Mulch Blend – Naturally colored premium cypress blend mulch is a natural organic color. Having no dye and a beautiful blend of brown natural wood tones give this mulch a wonderfully earthy look and feel. Sold in bulk and in bags.










Why Mulch?

Mulching is essential in Orange Park’s climate, where hot summers and sporadic rainfall can challenge plant health. Applying a layer of mulch around plants and flower beds helps to reduce water evaporation, minimize soil erosion, and improve overall moisture retention. For homeowners near Doctor’s Lake or in Middleburg, using mulch is a must. 


In areas like Argyle Forest and Rideout, where community aesthetics are important, mulch serves a dual purpose of enhancing the visual appeal and promoting plant health. Mulch acts as a natural weed suppressant, saving homeowners time and effort in maintenance while creating a neat and well-kept appearance.

Stone Plus is your source for landscape rock and landscape supplies with 3 locations.  We specialize in low-maintenance landscaping and building materials such as boulders, crushed stone, flagstone, natural thin veneer, gravel, cobble, pebbles, mulch, and soil. 

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Mulch Options In Orange Park

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