Mulch Options in Ponte Vedra Beach

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Ponte Vedra Beach’s stunning coastal vistas and upscale neighborhoods in Palm Valley, Sawgrass and Nocatee, make mulching a valuable tool for residents seeking to maintain thriving landscapes in Florida.



Here are the most common mulch options:

Red Mulch – With its beautiful bright color, bulk red mulch is a favorite because of its long-lasting color and eye-catching pop. It is sold cheapest in bulk by the cubic yard and also by the 2 cubic foot bag.


Brown Mulch – Naturally looking dark brown color is a great warm color that makes a rich look to any landscape.  Dark Brown mulch is a favorite because of its long-lasting color retention.  Sold by cubic yard in bulk.


Gold Mulch – Dyed to a beautiful bright color, bagged gold mulch is a favorite because of its long-lasting color and eye catching pop.


Black Mulch – A popular choice a premium dark black mulch makes plants and buildings alike stand out.  Bagged black mulch is a popular choice for its color and warmth.


Cypress Mulch Blend – Naturally colored premium cypress blend mulch is a natural organic color. Having no dye and a beautiful blend of brown natural wood tones give this mulch a wonderfully earthy look and feel. Sold in bulk and in bags.










Why Mulch?

Coastal areas like Ponte Vedra Beach often experience sandy soil and exposure to saltwater elements. Mulch plays a critical role in retaining moisture, promoting soil structure, and protecting plants from harsh winds.

Landscapes near the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club or the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve can rely on mulch options that are both natural and safe for homes that often bud up to protected areas.   Stone Plus even stocks several options of sea shells, crushed sea shells, and white beach sand.  

By incorporating mulching techniques tailored to Ponte Vedra Beach’s specific challenges and beauty, residents can create picturesque gardens that thrive in Florida’s coastal surroundings.

Stone Plus is your source for landscape rock and landscape supplies with 3 locations.  We specialize in low-maintenance landscaping and building materials such as boulders, crushed stone, flagstone, natural thin veneer, gravel, cobble, pebbles, mulch, and soil. 


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Mulch Options in Ponte Vedra Beach

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