Enhancing your home with stone veneer can have a dramatic impact on the visual stance and curb appeal – but how do you choose the right one? The options can be almost overwhelming, and so many of them look so good, that it can be daunting to try to make the right decision. Here are some tips that may help narrow down your selection process:

First of all, commend yourself.Using natural stone veneer is the superior choice. So many homes have been decorated with veneer that was man-made, and within a couple years the colors have faded – never to return to their original beauty. Nothing can compete with the lasting beauty of natural stone. Regardless of which stone veneer you choose, you are making the best decision.

Go with your gut.Instinctively, you will gravitate toward particular colors or tones – or a type of pattern. Something initially will catch your eye. No matter how many options you look at, you find yourself comparing them subconsciously to what you first discovered. Do not be afraid to explore every selection available, but trust yourself. You know what you like.

Work with the architecture and design of your home.Take a good look at the way in which your home was designed – is it modern? Victorian? Spanish or Mediterranean? To work within the design of your home is important. Sometimes a rustic style stone veneer would fit the design better of a Mediterranean influence architecture, while a more modern style veneer would be suited to accent some of the recent trends in home design.

Get Help.The truth is, you may not know what looks right for your home – you only know what you like. Sometimes it can be hard to envision the end result. Do not be afraid to ask for help. For you, this is likely the only time you need to make this decision, but for professionals in the industry, they do it every day.

Getting samples of actual stone that you can bring home is really important. Being able to see the veneer in the sunlight, placed on the surfaces you plan to update, helps provide a realistic visual display of how the stone will look once installed.

Choosing Colors.Making the decision about the color scheme to use on your project can seem a bit daunting. Not only taking into account the existing colors on your home but trying to think ahead and make sure to set yourself up for what colors you might use in the future can be frustrating. Remember to “go with your gut.” Most often, the colors you may find yourself using in the future will not be such a drastic departure from your current tastes, and the stone veneer you are happy with at the moment will likely do well blending with a direction you may go with in the future.

One of the more important considerations in choosing the colors of your stone is the application. For example, is the veneer being used as an accent? If so, then you want to choose color which drawn attention to the accented areas – find something that “pops.”

If the area is large, and the trim is where the accent is, make sure to choose tones that feature the intended trim’s color. This will help the trim to “pop” as an accent to the larger area.

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