White Marble

Description: White marble chips make an excellent substitute for mulch along walkways and outdoor gardens and can be used in fountains and planters and in any creative interior and exterior landscape design.

  • Chip size 0.5 in. to 1.5 in.
  • Consistent and durable color
  • Helps soil retain moisture, prevents erosion
  • Most popular all natural white color compliments all environments

Color: White/ occasional grey and/or pink hints
Shape: Angular/ random
Size: 2 inch +/- or smaller
Coverage: CYD: 129.6 Sq. Ft. @ 2-1/2 Deep
108 Sq. Ft.
Sold By: Cubic Yard (1/4 YD Increments) or 1/2 cubic foot bags
More Details: N/A
Availability: Palm Coast, Jacksonville, Middleburg