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Vinly edgings from OlyOla are top of the line products and highly recommended for your landscaping needs.

Black Jack is perfect for small and large bed areas. When installed properly, it acts as a root barrier between your lawn and the bed. (See instructions).

Super Edge can also be used as a bed border. It is also used for creating a heavy duty border for walkways and beds, as it is much more rigid than the Black Jack. It does not have a decorative top edge, though. (See installation instructions).

The Brick Edge paver restraint is used to hold your paver patio or walkway together. It stops "paver walking", which is when the pavers separate creating a wider gap. It happens over time as traffic moves across the pavers without an edge restraint. (See installation instructions).

Black Jack Edging

Size: 20' Strip
Includes 4 stakes and 1 connector
Sold by the 20' strip

SuperEdge Edging

Size: 20' Strip
Includes 5 stakes and 1 connector
Sold by the 20' strip

BrickEdge Edging

Size: 15' Strip
Includes 4 stakes and 1 connector
Sold by the 15' strip. Available in flexible and rigid

Each of our stores have many items on clearance. Visit your local store to see what's available.
Popular Items

Black Jack Vinyl Edging

Available in 20 Foot strips

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