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Pavers are man made concrete products. Colors are mixed from pigments. Color will vary from batch to batch. Be sure to purchase all of the pavers you need at the same time to ensure better color matching.

These items are special order only.

919 Screenings

Size: Powder to 1/8" inch average.
Coverage: At 2 inch depth, will cover approximately 162 Square Feet
NOTE: 919 Screenings will compact approximately 30% [compacted depth desired / .7 = depth to purchase]

Protect Your Pavers
Protect your pavers using a good quality sealer. Stone Plus offers great quality sealers from Surebond.

Efflorescence Issues:"Primary efflorescence is named such, as it typically occurs during the initial cure of a cementitious product. It often occurs on masonry construction, particularly brick, as well as some firestop mortars, when water moving through a wall or other structure, or water being driven out as a result of the heat of hydration as cement stone is being formed, brings salts to the surface that are not commonly bound as part of the cement stone. As the water evaporates, it leaves the salt behind, which forms a white, fluffy deposit, that can normally be brushed off. The resulting white deposits are referred to as "efflorescence" in this instance. In this context efflorescence is sometimes referred to as "saltpetering." Since primary efflorescence brings out salts that are not ordinarily part of the cement stone, it is not a structural, but, rather, an aesthetic concern.

For controlling primary efflorescence, formulations containing liquid fatty acid mixtures (e.g., oleic acid and linoleic acid) have been commonly used. The oily liquid admixture is introduced into the batch mix at an early stage by coating onto the sand particles prior to the introduction of any mix water, so that the oily admixture is distributed uniformly throughout the concrete batch mix. -Source: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/efflorescence

Oldcastle Standard 7 Colors





Harvest Blend

Oak Run

Pictured with sealed (wet) look. Actual pavers will appear lighter in color than pictures.

Brick Edge Vinyl Edging (Paver Restraint)

Available in 15 Foot strips - flex or rigid

Techniseal Polymeric Sand

Available in 50 LB Bags

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