General Questions

We always accept applications. Drop in to one of stores and fill out an application.

Yes!  Visit any of our stores and an employee will help you pick and tag your product. 

All stores carry the most popular products but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a call. If you want something specific, we can always order it for you.

There is no minimum quantity required for purchase. If you need a small amount of material, we sell it by the pound, other materials are by bag in 1/2 CF bags. 

Delivery Questions

Stone Plus is a landscape rock and supply retailer. We do not offer landscape installation but can recommend landscape professionals based on your project needs. *Please note, Stone Plus is not affiliated or aligned with any landscape contractors.

Boulder placement is available dependent upon access. We off load and place with a machine called a donkey forklift.  Our friendly sales staff will guide you through this process and answer any questions you may have.

There is no minimum order required for delivery. We do recommend planning ahead for your project needs so you can save on delivery costs.

We are more than happy to accommodate any special requests discussed before delivery. Each delivery includes 15 minutes of offload time. Customers must sign a Release of Liability Form if the delivery is on private property.

When delivering to a gated community, we ask that you inform the gate keeper before arrival. Any standby time accrued while waiting for gate access is the customer’s responsibility.

Deliveries may be canceled and or rescheduled anytime.  Just call your store and let us know.  

Stone Plus has a fleet of trucks and flatbeds used for delivery.  Depending on how much product and the type.  Call your store for specific details on your delivery. 

Once an order is placed we will set your delivery for a day and time within a 3 hour window. A driver will call you during that time when leaving our store.  Our sales staff can provide lead times on items for delivery. 

Product Questions

When deciding whether to use Natural Thin Veneer or Manufactured stone, consider material cost, installation cost, finished look and longevity. Installation procedures and costs are roughly the same for both products. Color and longevity of natural stone veneer are unequaled by even the best manufactured stone.  

We always suggest that when apply stone or gravel to lay it over a 4.1 oz landscape fabric for long-term installations.  This not only prevents weeds, but also prevents rock from sifting into the soil over time. 

A 3 Cubic Ft bag will cover 14.4 Sq. Ft. at 2-1/2″ deep or 12 Sq. Ft. at 3″ deep. A 2 Cubic Ft. bag will cover 9.6 Sq. Ft. at 2-1/2″ deep or 8 Sq. Ft. at 3″ deep.

1/2 Cubic Ft. bag of stone will cover 2.4 Sq. Ft. at 2-1/2″ deep or 2.0 Sq. Ft. at 3″ deep.

We recommend paver base that is at a minimum of 3″ depth or greater after compaction.  

Our team of landscape professionals are here to help you.